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ANICT na 3ª Conferência Nacional do Ensino Superior e da Investigação

A ANICT foi convidada a participar na 3ª Conferência Nacional do Ensino Superior e da Investigação, organizada pelo departamento de ensino superior e investigação da FENPROF, tendo sido representada por Konstantin Luzyanin. O encontro teve lugar na Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade de Lisboa nos dias 4 e 5 de Novembro de 2011.

Public presentation of the report on Science in Portugal

ANICT will be represented at the Parliamentary Conference on Science that will take place on the 20th of December at the National Parliament. In this conference, a report about Science in Portugal, to which ANICT contributed, will be publicly presented.

Participation in the IV Conference on Scientific Employment

ANICT was invited to take part in the IV Conference on Scientific Employment, organized by ABIC, which took place on the 26th of November at Fundação Eng. António de Almeida, Porto. ANICT’s Vice-president, Miguel Jorge, delivered a talk in the 3rd panel of the Conference, focusing on employment perspectives in the academic environment. The presentation is available here.

ANICT suggestions for FCT

After the last ANICT-FCT meeting, ANICT direction sent 3 letters with suggestions to improve some aspects related to Science managment in Portugal. You can download the letters in the following links (portuguese only):

Carta para a FCT: Novas regras de atribuição de bolsas para estrangeiros

Carta para a FCT: sugestões para avaliação de bolsas de investigação

Carta para a FCT: questão sobre propinas de bolsas mistas de doutoramento

Institutional meeting with FCT

The ANICT board of directors met with the President of FCT, Prof. João Sentieiro, on the 6th of July 2010. Several issues were discussed, including the evaluation of Researchers, the new FCT rules for grant applications by foreign nationals, the FCT grant application procedures, and the FCT rules for payment of tuition fees for mixed grants.