Towards a sustainable research career with progression based on merit

Paula Fernandes – Vice-President

paulafernandesPaula Galego Fernandes has born in 1974 at Lisbon. Since 1997, when she finished her degree at Applied Geology at FCUL, that develop work in the hydrogeology field, with particular concern in hydrogeochemistry. In 2000 had started studies in the environmental isotopes application in the aquifer systems characterization, particularly in recharge area definition, aquifer mixture identification, groundwater salt origin (actual/ancient seawater intrusion, evaporates dissolution) and palaeoenvironments characterization. In the last years acquired important experience in the field of light isotopes spectrometry, as well as in all laboratorial procedures and sampling for the different isotopic ratio determination.  She completed her PhD in Geology, Speciality of Hydrogeology at 2005 and until 2008 developed work in the δ15N (NO3) and δ18O (NO3) analysis determination field, in water or sediments, having implemented an nitrate extraction line from water in Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear, and initiated this isotopes quantification through EA mass spectrometry in groundwater samples. Since 2008, the work at the Center of Geology involved the application of isotope hydrology in the area palaeohydrology, palaeoclimatology and aquifers contamination. Consists primarily on analysis of the distribution and behavior of chemical elements and environmental isotopes in groundwater systems; having as main goal the identification of contamination sources and application of groundwater as palaeothermometers in the study of climate change. Importantly, a key component of the work is the development and implementation of the Stable Isotope Laboratory – Department of Geology, FCUL and also important teaching collaboration with Geology Department of FCUL including supervision of diverse Master’s Students.

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