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João Lopes – President

João Lopes
Assistant Researcher
University of Porto

João Almeida Lopes was born on the 19 November 1973 in Leiria, Portugal. He holds a Chemical Engineering (biotechnology branch) from Instituto Superior Técnico of Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (IST/UTL). He completed his PhD in Biotechnology in the area of chemometrics in the pharmaceutical industry in 2001, working in chemometrics modelling of industrial pharmaceutical production processes (IST/UTL) (Thesis awarded with the CUF prize in 2002). Since then, he consolidated the development and application of chemometrics and spectroscopy for systems identification in the chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical fields working as post-Doc researcher at IST/UTL. In 2004, he and three co-workers were awarded with the first prize in the entrepreneurship contest Bioempreendedor where a FTIR spectroscopy/chemometrics based methodology was proposed for rapid and cost effective identification of human bacteria pathogens. He joined the University of Porto/REQUIMTE Associated Laboratory in December 2005 as Investigador Auxiliar in chemometrics and process spectroscopy.
Current research activity is conducted at the Faculty of Pharmacy of UP and is focused on the development and application of chemometrics and vibrational spectroscopy systems in the context of green-chemistry (non-destructive and non-invasive). He runs the Chemometrics&Process Analytical Technology unit at the GABAI research center of CEQUP/REQUIMTE. In 2006 he founded WORLDMETRICS SOLUTIONS a consulting company providing technology solutions for better processes and products.