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Difficulties in financial execution of FCT projects: SURVEY RESULTS

To promote scientific employment, the 2017 FCT call for research projects in all scientific areas had the legal requirement to hire the equivalent of 27,5 ETI (30 months), for projects with a total length of 36 months. All new contracts had to be implemented accordingly to the Decree-Law 57/2016. This had a significant negative impact on the length of time, and bureaucracy complexity, required to hire a new post-doctoral researcher.  Furthermore, human resources costs became the most important budget in each project. 

With the requirement to spend at least 15% of the total project budget per semester, some of ANICT members alerted ANICT direction that they were having severe  difficulties in complying with the eligibility project requirements. It was evident that this was a big problem when FCT allowed, exceptionally the extension of the first payment request for more than 1 year.

fct2017 projects

Problems reported by the participants in the survey; the most common being the overall bureaucracy and length of time to recruit PhD researchers.

ANICT prepared this survey to gather more detailed information about this issue, in order to present this data to FCT and request solutions for eventual problems reported by the community.

The survey results can be found here: Survey results – Difficulties in financial execution of FCT projects


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