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ANICT short survey for PI’s and co-PI’s of FCT 2017 projects

The 2017 FCT call for research projects had the biggest success rate in FCT history, with 48% of eligible projects approved for funding (1618 ongoing projects). An particular aspect of 2017 call was the requirement to hire a doctoral researcher for at least 30 month per 36 month period. There are some reports of projects that are having difficulties in the financial execution (that should be of a minimum of 15% of the total budget per each semester). To minimize this, FCT allowed the extension of the first deadline from 6 months to approximately 1 year, but this might not have been sufficient.

ANICT prepared a short survey to gather information regarding this topic. All PI’s or co-PI’s of ongoing FCT 2017 call research projects are invited to participate in the short survey: Click here for survey.



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