Towards a sustainable research career with progression based on merit

The contribution of the nine public discussion sessions for the creation of the Statute of Scientific Researcher

From October 22nd to November 4th, ANICT organized 9 public sessions to discuss how to solve key problems of early stage researchers in Portugal. ANICT direction presented some initial solutions and asked for the scientific community participation to find alternative solutions. Two main problems needed to be address: (1) the lack of working contracts for a significant part of the research workers and (2) the lack of career perspectives for those with temporary contracts. The document provided here reports a brief overview of the solutions presented with critical viewpoints of each. All alternative solutions presented during the public discussion sessions are now subjected to a vote, by all the members of the community.

Please read the 2 page-list document before voting. Click here to download it.

Two forms have been prepared to collect your opinion:




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