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Survey results: Current Labor situation of Young Doctoral Researchers in Portugal

During August and September 2014, ANICT launched a nationwide survey aimed to assess the labor situation of Doctoral Researchers in Portugal. This survey aimed to help ANICT find weaknesses in the Portuguese National Scientific System that should be addressed in the future. The survey consisted in 3 parts: general characterization of the young doctoral researcher’s community (1); current professional situation (2) and identification of problems impairing the correct development of your career (3). 169 Doctors replied to this survey, from which 115 provided their identity, while 54 decided to be anonymous. Only 41% of the answers came from ANICT members.

The survey results can be found here. ANICT direction thanks all that participated in this survey.


The survey results were shared with:

  • FCT
  • CRUP
  • Secretary of State of Science
  • Parliamentary Commission of Education, Science and Culture

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