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Elsevier and free journal access for researchers in-between contracts and subcontracting

Elsevier have announced extremely good news for researchers and entitlements.  They are announcing free journal access to researchers in between
contract or if they are independently sub-contracting.

This  initiative stemmed from ICoRSA (International Consortium of Research Staff Associations –  ANICT is a founding member) discussion with Elsevier during ESOF2014 in Copenhagen regarding the difficulty facing researchers in between contracts .

In a large majority of cases after a researcher contract is over, researchers are cut off from academic journal access, and thus are not able to continue their research, until they start another contract. Similar problems are faced by researchers that make the big jump to be become independent sub-contractors, who sub-contract themselves back to a university. Journal access for research could be prohibitively expensive.

Elsevier would like to announce the “Post Doc Access Program for scholars in between contracts“.  For more information click here

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