Towards a sustainable research career with progression based on merit

Researchers of the world, engage!

By Miguel Jorge
Research Europe

If Europe is to move towards a proper career structure for working in research, those at the sharp end must make themselves heard, says Miguel Jorge.

“Mobility or stability? That is the question.” So said Riccardo Biondi, a winner of the first Euraxess European Research Area Slam competition, at the Voice of the Researchers conference in Brussels in November. Mobile researchers like Biondi struggle to obtain a stable research position and end up depending on temporary contracts and grants, even when they seem to be doing “everything right”, he said.

This feeling has become increasingly pervasive among European researchers. In 2013, the MORE2 survey of the mobility patterns and career paths of EU researchers showed the dark side of mobility. More than 30 per cent of researchers said that being mobile had damaged their career opportunities.

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