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ANICT 2012 MSc fellowship results

ANICT 2012 MSc fellowship results were announced on the 3rd ANICT symposium, in the past 15th of June. The ANICT member winners were Susana Barbosa,  Conceição Montenegro, Joao Oliveira Ventura  and Octávio Mateus.

In the next couple of days, more details about the winners and the MSc projects will be announced. The following list is the ranking of candidates, by major field of Science.

  • Natural and Exact Sciences

Susana Barbosa, Universidade de Lisboa (winner)

Rodrigo Freire Martins de Almeida, Universidade de Lisboa

Célia Alves, Universidade de Aveiro

Franklin Gregory, Universidade do Minho

Alexandre Oliveira Campos, Universidade do Porto

Ana Campilho, Universidade do Porto

  • Health Sciences

Conceição Montenegro, Universidade do Porto (winner)

António Salgado, Universidade do Minho

Raquel Pego de Andrade, Universidade do Minho

Clara Cecília Sousa, Universidade do Porto

Sandra Maria Araújo Costa, Universidade do Minho

Marta Sousa Silva, Universidade de Lisboa

Carmen Brás Silva, Universidade do Porto

  • Engineering and Technological Sciences

Joao Oliveira Ventura, Universidade do Porto (winner)

Ana Paula Serro, Instituto Superior Técnico

Joana Paiva Gomes Miranda, Universidade de Lisboa

  • Other/Multidisciplinary

Octávio Mateus, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (winner)

Anthony Danko, Universidade do Porto

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