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Gender Summit Manifesto for Research and Innovation

We call your attention to the following action:

Dear Colleagues

I am writing from the FP7 project genSET to draw your attention to the Manifesto for Integrated Action on the Gender Dimension in Research and Innovation that is available to read and sign at (I attach the text as well), which was presented to the EC Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Maire Geoghegan-Quinn on December 16th, 2011.

The Manifesto is the product of extensive public consultation and discussion conducted as part of the 1st European Gender Summit (, which took place on 8-9 November 2011 in Brussels, under the patronage of the Polish EU Presidency, the European Commission, and the European Parliament.

3874 scientists from across Europe, US, and beyond have already added their names to the list of signatories since the Manifesto was launched on-line on December 19th. I very much hope that you will consider joining them.

The timing is important because right now policy makers at national and EU level are debating post-FP7 research directions and R&D spending within HORIZON 2020, as well as the proposed European Research Area. Included in the framework proposals for both are explicit requirements for addressing gender issues in research content, cultures and participation. Through the Manifesto we can persuade policy makers that scientists support these actions.

I also attach a 2-page A-Z brief introduction into the very extensive evidence of why gender matters in research and innovation, created for non-gender experts.
We would be most grateful if your could consider signing the Manifesto, and help encourage others in your networks to sign it at

kindest regards

Dr Elizabeth Pollitzer
Portia Ltd (genSET lead and coordinating partner) (genSET, FP7 SiS funded project)
Tel +44 207 367 5348

Presenting the Manifesto to the Commission, 16. 12. 2011
Sign the Manifesto for Integrated Action on the Gender Dimenison in Science today!


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