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Call for applications for the ANICT 2012 MSc fellowships

The National Association of Researchers in Science and Technology (ANICT) is now opening a call for applications for the ANICT MSc fellowships. The rules for the ANICT fellowships applications are available here. Please note that for the 2012 call some exceptions to the general rules will be enforced, namely:

  • The call is open for full and associated members of ANICT that hold a PhD.
  • For the evaluation of the MSc supervisor, ANICT members will only be able to introduce the top 10 original articles since 2010 (reviews will not be included).
  • Each ANICT member can only submit one application.

Submission form
The submission of applications is done solely on line, using the following form. No documents will be need to submit during this stage. The candidates that are awarded the fellowships will then need to provide the documents supporting their application.

Taking the date of 31st March as the first announcement of this fellowships, the 2012 call will end on the 1st of June 2012, at 17H of Lisbon time.
Eligible ANICT members need to have their  quotes up to date until the 23rd of May.

Results and Reclamations:
The results of this call will be announced during the ANICT12 symposium and latter posted on ANICT website. A períod of 5 days will be allowed for reclamations, after which the results are final.

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