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EU FET Flagships Pilot

EU FET Flagships Pilot

A seguinte iniciativa europeia, lançada recentemente, assenta em ações de coordenação com o objectivo de financiar e desenvolver atividades científicas, num período de 10 anos, de modo a potenciar um avanço em áreas tecnológicas emergentes (investigação sobre a Terra/Universo, grafeno, nanotecnologia, cérebro humano, medicina futura e robots), para a qual foram criadas as seguintes Future Emerging Technology (FET) Flagship Pilot:

* FuturICT –
* Graphene-CA –
* Guardian Angels –
* HBP-PS – * ITFOM – * CA-RoboCom –

«The FET Flagship Programme is a new initiative launched by the European Commission as part of its Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) initiative. The goal is to encourage visionary, “mission-oriented” research with the potential to deliver breakthroughs in information technology with major benefits for European society and industry. The Commission envisages the Flagship program as a highly ambitious initiative involving close collaboration with National and Regional funding agencies, industry and partners from outside the European Union. Flagship Projects are expected to run for at least ten years, receiving funding of up to € 100 million per year.»

Para informação complementar sobre estas iniciativas, consulte por favor o seguinte link:

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