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WORKSHOP: Emerging Tools in Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy for Systems Biology

A pedido do IMM, divulgamos o seguinte evento:

Emerging Tools in Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy for Systems Biology

/// Organizers ///
António Jacinto (Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Portugal)
Carmo Fonseca (Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Portugal)
Enrico Gratton (Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics, University of California, USA) Maïté Coppey-Moisan (Institut Jacques Monod, CNRS, France)

/// Speakers ///
Carmo Fonseca (Portugal), Enrico Gratton (USA), Ernst Stelzer (Germany), Gene Myers (USA), Johan Elf (Sweden), Konstantin Lukyanov (Russia), Maïté Coppey-Moisan (France), Michael Held (Switzerland), Michele Digman (USA), Paul Wiseman (Canada), Pavel Tomancak (Germany), Petra Schwille (Germany), Philipe Bastiens (Germany), Richard Adams (UK).

/// Phase 1 /// September 4-6, 2011 / Lisbon, Portugal
This Workshop aims to bring together an international group of scientists and promote ample discussion around the research focus of quantitative fluorescence microscopy, covering recent advances in fluorescence microscopy enabling measurement and computational analysis of a wide range of cellular activities.
A major challenge to systems biology is to infer the rate constants, binding affinities, and other parameters of theoretical models from experimental measurement data. Thanks to the engineering of fluorescent probes and the development of novel fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy methods, quantitative parameters such as molecular concentrations, diffusion coefficients, stoichiometry and residence time of molecules within complexes can be obtained in different locations within the cell at different times with high temporal and spatial resolution.

Students, doctoral fellows, post-doctoral fellows, engineers and faculty with previous working experience in using fluorescence microscopy. Participants do not require formal training in physics, engineering or informatics. Lectures will be given in English.

Programme ( 1. Advanced live-cell imaging
2. Obtaining quantitative data from microscopy images
3. Applying quantitative imaging to systems biology

Note: 12 trainees will be selected among Phase 1 participants to participate at Phase 2

/// Phase 2 /// September 7-10, 2011 / Lisbon, Portugal
Hands-on laboratory exercises on PSF in Confocal and Widefield microscopes, 2D time-lapse imaging; 3D time-lapse imaging and tracking, FRAP and FRET. Introductory lectures on the basics of image processing followed by hands-on exercises applied to data collected ealier on the course: Deconvolution, Segmentation, Cell tracking, and FRAP and FRET data processing.


/// Phase 2 /// October 12-14, 2011 / Paris, France
SPIM; FCS, RICS and FCCS; FLIM for hetero-FRET

/// Registration deadline /// June 6, 2011

Programme // Registrations //

/// For more information ///
Inserm . Ateliers de formation . 101 rue de Tolbiac . 75654 Paris Cedex 13
Tel. +33 (0) 1 44 23 62 04 or 62 03 ::: Fax +33 (0) 1 44 23 62 93 :::

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