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Welcome to the new ANICT website

As part of our efforts to restructure our communication and management infrastructure, we have remodeled the ANICT webpage. During our first year of existence, our website has played its part as our main link to the scientific community, with a total of almost 8000 visits. However, we found it was time for a new approach.

The new home page is a dynamic news and events portal, where you can find some of the latest developments in science and technology in Portugal. You can filter the topics that are of most interest to you by using the categories list on the right-hand side. You can also find information about ANICT itself (our history, our mission, our team), as well as useful documentation.

If you want to help us contribute toward the advancement of Science and Technology in Portugal, please follow the instructions in the “Join ANICT” tab. If you become a member, you will, among other advantages, be able to use our online members discussion forum (link on the right-hand side). is a bilingual website. This means that members can post in either english, portuguese, or both. Some of the static information and some of the documents are provided in both languages, but unfortunately we cannot offer any official translation services.

Hope you find this new webpage useful.


Miguel Jorge,
ANICT President


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