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Elections calendar

  • 26th July 2010 Posting of the electoral calendar, election date and voters list. Announcement of polling places.
  • 28th August 2010 Deadline for appealing about voting lists.
  • 8th September 2010 Deadline for proposing candidate lists.
  • 10th September 2010 Deadline for requesting correspondence voting.
  • 15th – 27th September 2010 Electoral campaign.
  • 28th September 2010 Reflection day (no campaign).
  • 28th September Deadline for correspondence voting arrival.
  • 29th September 2010 Elections.
  • 30th September 2010 Deadline for posting the electoral results.
  • 8th October 2010 Deadline for appealing the electoral results.
  • 15th October 2010 Deadline for the electoral committee to answer to election appealing.
  • 3rd January 2011 Appointment of the ANICT board.

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